San Vicente del Raspeig

San Vicente del Raspeig is a municipality located in the comarca of Alacantí, in the province of Alicante, Spain, inside the conurbation of Alicante city (6 km away and perfectly communicated).

It has an area of 40.5 km² and according to the 2007 census, a total population of 55.434 inhabitants, with a large student population because it contains part of the Universitat d'Alacant, a major educational institution.

The town was founded in 1836 and has the motto Sequet però sanet ("Dry but healthy").

There are two important festivals every year: the Bonfires called Fogueres de Sant Vicent taking place during Summer, and the festival of Moros i Cristians during Spring.

The city has many quarries of limestone that enable the existence of cement factories.

The municipality covers an area of approximately 39.34 square kilometers (3,934 ha). Nestled in the Campo de Alicante, its downtown is 6 kilometers from Alicante, capital of the province, although the nuclei of Alicante and San Vicente form an urbanized continuous. It is well connected with the coast and is one of the gateways to the Alicante mountains. His term limits: to the north, Tibi and Jijona; east, with Alicante, Muchamiel and Villafranqueza (quarter of Alicante); and south and west, with Alicante. San Vicente forms, together with the city of Alicante and the towns of Muchamiel, San Juan and Campello, a metropolitan area of 438,430 inhabitants (NSI, 2007), which in turn belongs to a wider metropolitan area, called metropolitan area of Alicante -Elche. Its location is 38º25'25 "N. 0º31'20" Or. Its height above sea level is 112 m.

The municipality of San Vicente del Raspeig, is configured as a large glacis-terrace that descends from the Maigmó-Ventós alignment, with a distinct relief from the northern highlands and southern plains sloping soft. Regardless of the aforementioned arc of mountains, land passed from an altitude of about 440 meters in the Sale of Xirau, to 250 m of Lloma Redona plus 109 meters of the urban center of the city, up to about 85 m in the Santa Isabel neighborhood that borders the town of Alicante, which would for the entire territory a gentle slope north-south 3%. However, it should be noted that the term does not follow a natural or regional boundaries but is defined as a long, narrow strip between the two points, constrained by the terms of Alicante and Muchamiel.