Muchamiel is in the subregion of the Huerta de Alicante, 9 km northeast of the city of Alicante and less than 1 km from the nearby town of San Juan de Alicante. The municipality covers 47.7 km2 and it passes the river or river Monnegre Seco River historically had great importance for the development of the town.

It borders the municipalities of Alicante, San Juan de Alicante, San Vicente del Raspeig and Campello

Muchamiel has a Mediterranean climate. Summer temperatures often exceed 35 ° C and minimum winter usually up to 2 ° C at night and early morning hours. In order to have any recollection of snow in Muchamiel we must go back to the first decades of the twentieth century. In Muchamiel usual in the months of September and October as a result of the cold rain drop fall as hail. Rainfall is irregular and very busy throughout the year, reaching averages of 408 mm. 

Historically, the base of its economy has been primarily agricultural. There is, indeed, a variety of tomatoes originally called tomato town Muchamiel. Also the bread of Muchamiel enjoys good reputation in the region.

However, the proximity to the capital has caused a tertiarisation of its economy, becoming de facto an integral part of the metropolitan area of ​​Alicante; This has resulted in population increase considerably over the twentieth century and, in particular, between 1960 and 1994, dates that went from 4010 to 11,329 inhabitants and more than 20,000 today, with the development of developments in the municipality (has 23 villages).